Sustainable Table Fund

(Formerly Ripe for Change)

Ripe for Change began in 2017-18, as a funder-driven initiative developed by founding partners The Garry White Foundation, The Morris Family Foundation and the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network in partnership with Sustainable Table.

The Program was designed to improve our food- system and deliver enhanced health, employment and sustainability outcomes for the population and environment.

Taking a ‘place-based’ approach has proven an effective way to empower community-led solutions. Since inception, Ripe for Change has developed deep connections within Casey, Cardinia, and the Mornington Peninsula, which form a highly productive region of Victoria’s foodbowl.

This short video highlights some of the positive outcomes that were made possible from the Ripe for Change pilot.
( Video thanks to The Pearl Film Co)

Image: Ripe for Change Stakeholder Workshop, 25 February 2020, Baxter

In 2021 Ripe for Change has developed into the Sustainable Table Fund with a national focus and unique collaboration between food system practitioners, thought leaders and aligned funders.

This network of funders, investors and food system stakeholders will advance regenerative food systems at the speed required to arrest climate change and other intersecting environmental, social and health crises that have emerged as a result of our industrialised food system.

The fund supports and identifies programs and projects through facilitated workshops, community grants, discretionary funding and by facilitating larger scale investment mechanisms.

This work is underpinned by the Blueprint for Impact, an investment strategy commissioned in 2020 to support a transition to more regenerative agricultural systems across Australia.

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